Pawa Law Group, P.C.

Practice Areas

Renewable Energy and Clean Tech

The Renewable Energy industry is under assault in many parts of the country. Local groups with a narrow focus on a viewshed are challenging wind and solar projects. The mantra is always the same – they support renewable energy but just not “here.” They are taking the body of environmental law that was built up over decades to restrain pollution and unsustainable development and are using it against renewable energy developments whose environmental benefits in countering global warming and air pollution far outweigh their impacts.
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Environmental Litigation

Our environmental law practice handles major cases with national and even international significance. We are most well known for our role in launching Global Warming Litigation. 
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Commercial & Real Estate Litigation

Our commercial and real estate litigation practice focuses on business torts and claims and on zoning and property disputes. For example, we have represented a large, publicly traded company in a case against a professional corporation that is alleged to have failed to adhere to professional standards with respect to the construction of a multi-million dollar telecommunications tower in the District of Columbia.
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Class Actions

Our firm offers extensive experience in class actions. Mr. Pawa has litigated numerous class actions, including the Firestone tire litigation regarding defective tires on Ford Explorers in which Mr. Pawa represented a class of car owners nationwide seeking refunds and replacement tires under antitrust law.
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We offer significant experience in defending against Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation ("SLAPPs"). A SLAPP is a lawsuit in which citizens activists or organizations are targeted by polluters or developers for exercising their free speech and petition rights; a SLAPP typically asserts claims such as libel and tortious interference with business relations.
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