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Massachusetts High Court Hits Recalcitrant Insurance Company with $22 Million in Damages for Refusing to Make Reasonable Settlement Offer to Paraplegic Personal Injury Victim

This is a story about evil, plain and simple. It is about the evil of a corporation that puts profit above human decency. And it is a tale of the virtues of our legal system – a legal system that, sometimes, gives justice to those who persevere. The case is Rhodes versus AIG Domestic Claims, Inc., decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court just days ago. Our story begins on a cold winter day in Massachusetts in January, 2002. Fate brought one Marcia Rhodes, 46 years old, along Route 109 in Medway in the afternoon of January 9th.
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Instant Soup: Not What the Doctor Ordered

NPR recently ran a story about instant soup.  It seems that an alarming number of people – especially young children – are being burned by instant noodle soups, some to the point of requiring skin grafts and long hospital stays.  One doctor said his hospital alone sees “at least” two to three patients every week.  Another group of burn doctors has identified instant noodle soup burns as a “major problem in our society.
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